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I should be editing snoozing_kitten 's fic right now, but I had to write this down before all the ideas flew out of my head. ^^; Kari, I'll set to work soon, promise!! D:

Also, none of these have been beta-read and I couldn't stand reading through them again (because I cringe D:), so if there are any errors, feel free to point them out. ^^;

Dang. Everything's very inconsistent and gah. This is très frustrant . >.<;


Title: 零度 || Reido (Freezing Point; Absolute Zero)
Fandom: JE/Kanjani8
Genre: Smut, angst
Characters: Ohkura Tadayoshi, Nishikido Ryo, Yasuda Shota // OhYass with Ryo caught in between (OhRyoSuda? *bricked*)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine. Too lazy to type up a proper disclaimer. Meh~
A/N: Um...this is a drabble that was a result of a thought that wouldn't leave me alone. I tried to pimp off the idea to ashkt  (she'd do this story more justice than I ever could. -_-') and purebloodqueen  (who owes me Ryokura fic. XDD) but to no avail. D: Hence, I was forced to type it down before the idea totally left me. Anyway, er...please, I know this sucks because ack. I can't even read it without cringing, but...DDDD: *runs away*

Anyway, this is for you, Ash, even though I still owe you Ryokura smut. D: Hope this actually lives up to your standards. *cries in shame* Um, if you (and Ira...who still owes me Ryokura fic. :Dv) remember the Ryokura fic idea I told you over Y!M, er...this is the "sequel" to that? ^^; *cough*

P.S. I really feel bad for Ryo in this one. TTwTT


Half-caught between numbness and pleasure, Ryo could only limply let his body be manipulated as his mouth is affixed around Ohkura's length and his entrance is probed by Yasuda's agile fingers. Neither man notices the tears prickling at the corners of Ryo's eyes as Ohkura and Yasuda kiss above him, the former still steadily thrusting his length in and out of Ryo's velvet mouth and the latter still pumping his digits in and out of his stretched hole.

Just before Ryo gathers enough of his wits to snap out of his demi-trancelike state to tell Ohkura that he doesn't want to do this anymore and that he's tired of all this, the two stop kissing and withdraw from him one after the other.

Ryo hears Yasuda shift behind him and out of the corner of his eye, he can see the shorter male lie on his back. Ohkura senses the tension in Ryo and places broad, warm hands on Ryo's shoulders, getting his attention.

One of Ohkura's hands snakes its way up from a boney shoulder to Ryo's neck, up to cup an angular jaw and Ryo leans into the touch, eyes fluttering closed and face tilting up in anticipation of a kiss. Disappointment courses through him as Ohkura leans forward and bypasses his mouth, choosing instead to brush a thumb over it and mutter in his ear, "Hurry and turn around, baby. Yassan's a bit antsy tonight."

Ryo swallows, opens his eyes and does as he is told. He gets on his hands and knees above Yasuda and although the smallest of the three smiles up at him, Ryo can't muster the strength to return the gesture. Instead, he simply braces himself for what is next. What is always next.

As sure as clockwork, no sooner than Ryo closes his eyes and inhales deeply, he exhales sharply through his nose as Ohkura forces his way into his tight channel and doesn't stop until he is fully seated. He hears the other man grunt behind him and feels his member pulse from deep inside. He smiles and almost forgets that there is someone else in the room and savors the weight of Ohkura, absorbing everything that is OhkuraOhkuraOhkura. Ryo endures everything for the sake of this; for that split-moment when it is just him and Ohkura connected and the outside world is not important enough to matter. This is Ryo's petite mort, and he'd gladly die and be reborn only to die again just to experience it.

Sweet as the almost-moment is for Ryo, Ohkura's hand on Ryo's length brings everything crashing down; brings everything back into sharp focus as Ohkura gives him a gentle nudge and his hand guides Ryo's member into Yasuda's entrance.

Yasuda throws his head back and pants loudly while Ohkura cants his hips and slowly pushes down on Ryo to push him into Yasuda. Ryo always keeps his eyes averted at this point because he knows that any moment now, Yasuda will be turning red and a half-pained, half-pleasured look will paint his features and Ohkura would bend down and smooth kisses all over his face before capturing his lips in a tender kiss to distract him until Ryo is fully inside him.

It is always him that Ohkura is inside of (when it is the three of them, it is never Yasuda), but Ryo has always felt that he didn't exist; not in Yasuda's nor Ohkura's mind. That Ohkura was simply fucking Yasuda through him.

Ohkura controls the pace by rocking in and out of Ryo. His pliant body follows, and every withdrawal, every thrust forward, drives him deeper into Yasuda and he wishes he didn't turn his head to the side and open his eyes this time (when he has always kept his eyes closed before) because seeing Yasuda's small hand clasped tightly around Ohkura's bigger one as they both panted and moaned around Ryo breaks his heart more than Ohkura's fingers tightening around Ryo's boney hips and grunting out Yasu softly before warmth bursts out and splashes inside him and Ohkura slumps on his back but reaches out a shaky hand to tug Yasuda into completion, as well.

And Ryo doesn't know how long this would continue nor how long he could stand it before he breaks, but another session ends with Ohkura pulling his flacid length out of Yasuda before withdrawing from Ryo. Another session ends with Ohkura rolling away from Ryo and towards Yasuda. Another session ends with Ryo feeling like the used and discarded receptacle he has always felt after times like this; a third wheel who is allowed to stay because it doesn't know where else to go.

But Ryo knows he wouldn't have it any other way; couldn't bear to have it any other way. Any part of Ohkura, no matter how miniscule and inconsequential, is something he will stubbornly grasp in his closed fist, only to let go when Ohkura asks him to.


Title: 久遠 || Kuon (Eternity)
Fandom: JE/NewS (TegoMass)
Genre: fluff
Characters: Masuda Takahisa, Tegoshi Yuuya
Rating: G? PG?
Disclaimer: Not mine. Too lazy to type up a proper disclaimer. Meh~
A/N: Ack. Fluff. Mindless, shameful fluff. And horrible writing and nonexistent plot. DDD: I just had to write mindless fluff to cheer myself up after the previous angsty drabble. TT-TT Do not hate meeee~! Dx

Oh, and this is an advanced birthday gift (?! D:) for Massu who turns twenty-one on the exact same date that I turn twenty-one (fourth of July, wooot~!). ^______^ Let's go bar-hopping together and celebrate being held fully responsible by law in most countries, buta-kun!!! *bricked*

This one goes out to cynicalism  who kept pushing me for MassuTego fic even though she writes brilliant fic, herself. ^^;


At eighteen, there are not a lot of constants in young Masuda Takahisa's life. Among the few constants are food...and his best friend, Tegoshi Yuuya.

It has happened so many times in the course of their friendship that it has stopped being surprising when Tegoshi would call Massu in the dead of the night, aking inane questions like, "Ne, Massu, if we were reborn as animals, instead of humans, would some part of us still remember each other?"

This time is not different. Massu's dream of doing a banquet photoshoot is interrupted by Tegoshi's voice, a voice recording the younger one did and insisted on setting as his ringtone sometime after they had debuted together with NewS. "So Massu will always know it's me," he said with a dubiously innocent grin.

"Mohi mohi?" Massu answers as he chances a glance at his bedside clock; 12:08 am.

"Ne, Massu, if I were to somewhere far away, would you know if I were in trouble?"

It's happened again. Tegoshi Yuuya has had his heart broken by someone, and here Massu is, picking up what is left and salvaging what is still there to salvage.

He would be annoyed with the random, attention-seeking question at an unholy hour if he didn't know that with Tegoshi, random isn't really random...not in Tegoshi-land, that is, Normal people wouldn't understand, but Massu is glad he's a bit of an oddball, himself, if only to allow him a glimpse into Tegoshi's random world.

He smiles although Tegoshi couldn't see it. "Silly, I'd always know if you were in trouble. After all, they either call your mom or me, don't they?"

Tegoshi lets out a small, breathless laugh that catches midway and turns into a sob.

"Massu, it hurts. make it stop."

"I know it does, but you'll bounce back. You always do,"

The dialogue is not unfamiliar; they've had it everytime Tegoshi fell; they've had it everytime Massu had to pick him up.

"Thanks, Massu. Massu always knows what to say to make me feel better, huh?" Tegoshi's voice is sounding sleepier by the second and Massu knows it won't be long before Tegoshi falls asleep on him again, so he says nothing in reply, instead, he smiles a smile he knows Tegoshi can't see but knows is there.


At twenty-one, there are more constants in young Masuda Takahisa's life, though still not a lot. Among the few constants are food...and his best friend, Tegoshi Yuuya.

Both of their worlds have grown exponentially bigger after three years, and Massu may often go out with other people and Tegoshi may pester people other than Massu, but in the course of all those years are times when Massu is jarred awake from his dreams by Tegoshi's voice in his ear a different recording, this time after they had debuted as a duo), his random questions getting more melancholy with every call; with every heartbreak.

The last phtoshoot of the day has just finished and Massu flops down on the nearest bench, exhaustion plastered all over his face.

"Late night?" Koyama Keiichirou smiles at him as he sits beside him.

"You could say that," Massu replies with a chuckle, only to end up yawning halfway through and smiling sheepishly afterwards.

"Tegoshi?" Koyama queries, ever perceptive.

"Who else?" Massu replies with a half-shrug, half-smile, eyes drooping from lack of sleep.

At the other side of the room, the culprit is excitedly recalling anecdotes to Shige and Ryo, arms flailing about in emphasis, no trace of the heartbroken, melancholic Yuuya who kept Massu awake last night. Yamashita-kun who isn't far from them listens with one ear while he stuffs himself by the food table. Massu would join him if he wasn't dead tired on his feet.

"Why do you put up with it? Why are you content with being an emotional punching bag when we both know you want something else?" Koyama says, still looking forward, watching Tegoshi and the others.

"Because that's what he needs me for. When he realizes, I'll be waiting. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon," Massu replies earnestly, gaze still trained on Tegoshi and his flailing arms.

"Maybe that's why he always gets hurt. So he could call you and you'll pick up the pieces and make everything all better," Koyama says, turning to face Massu this time.

Tegoshi notices someone staring at him and turns around, confused eyes scanning aorund and lighting up when they land on Massu. He gives a small wave and smile, reassured, before turning back and continuing his conversation with the others/

"I know. I'm just waiting for him to figure that out," Massu smiles.

There are not a lot of constants in his life, but Massu is sure Tegoshi will always be one of them.

TT-TT Ugu~
No matter how lame I am with titles (and everything else, really), comments would be loved. ♥ 
Tags: drabbles, ohyass, ryokura, tegomass

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