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[Drabbles] 3 Aibajun (2/3)

Title: Aiba/Jun Drabbles Batch 2
Author: Ali || crux_australis
Fandom: Johnny's Entertainment || Arashi
Characters: Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun (with very pushy guest appearances by Ohno Satoshi, Ninomiya Kazunari and Sakurai Sho XD)
Genre/Rating : Romance? Gen?Humor? I dunno anymore. xD;/PG-13 (for cussing/implied situations)
Summary: N/A
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Johnny & Associates and am not making any profit from this.
Note(s): Part 2 of a group of drabbles I'm currently working on. Hopefully, I can finish the rest of them (there are supposed to be 9 in total).
Also, this wasn't beta-read or anything, so if you spot some errors, feel free to point them out. :) And geh...the flow is kinda nonexistent because I just really wanted to write these out before the ideas left my attention span-challenged head. -_-; Also, forgive the fluff!abuse. Aibajun deserves it? ^^U

The monkey princess and monkey warrior/boy thing How do I explain it? Basically, to me (and to a friend who shall remain unnamed, but people can probably guess at who she is, anyway XD), Aiba is monekyboy, especially when he has short hair. ^^ I love him to hell and back, but he does have tendencies to look like a monkey. :P And Jun is monkeyprincess because: 1. he wants to be Son Goku, 2. in that clip from ye olde arashi days where they took care of a small monkey, the monkey clung onto Jun's leg like no other and 3. er...Aiba is monkeyboy. That's it. XD Basically, I just think that monkeys have a magnetic connection with Jun. Lol.

OH. And I just realized that peaches aren't in season in the summer, but what the heck. I could change it to another fruit, but Aiba likes peaches, so...:P


4. Four Stray Animals Jun Wouldn't Let Aiba Keep And One He Did
as demandedrequested by aoimidori

Living with Aiba is everything he has wished for and more, Jun thinks. The and more part of it is what makes him worry from time to time, though.

In the middle of drama filming, Jun receives emoji-filled mail and silently reads, "Jun-chan, I'm bringing home a pet, okay?<3" He shrugs it off and puts his phone back in his bag when the AD yells out that breaktime is over.

He comes home and straightens out shoes bigger than his in the genkan before stowing his own pair away and donning his house slippers and making his way to the living room, where he can hear Aiba babbling to what he assumed was "the new pet."

"I'm home," he says.

Aiba smiles and replies, "welcome home," and Jun's eyes fall to the "pet" in his lap.

"No," he immediately says firmly, his face setting into hard lines that spell out, "NO!" all over them.

"But I found him in the park and it looked like he didn't have anywhere else to go," Aiba tries to reason, petting the skunk currently trying to squirm out of his lap.

Jun considers telling Aiba that it's abnormal for a skunk to be loitering around in a park in Japan (when it isn't exactly native to the country) and that it's even more abnormal that anyone would think of picking it up and taking it home, but he feels a headache coming on and he just wants to go to bed, so he settles for a quick, "Just. No."

He turns around and strides to the bedroom, ignoring the sound of Aiba sighing and explaining patiently to the skunk that, "Sorry, Kusai-kun, I guess you're gonna have to go. Jun-chan's just tired today, you see."


After a gruelling day jam-packed with filmings, photo shoots, rehearsals and interviews, Jun comes home really late and dead on his feet only to find one half of his beloved Tanino Crisci pair scuffed around with teeth marks all over it.

He stares unblinkingly at them, horrified at the atrocity, and calls out weakly, "Masaki!"

A woof and the sound of padding feet answers him and he dazedly looks up to find his boyfriend grinning and looking like he expects some praise for bringing home a more "acceptable pet" this time.

Jun looks down at the panting golden Labrador by Aiba's feet and they have a staring contest, dog vs. man, before Jun, still glaring the dog down, says, "No, Aiba-chan. This monster is not staying."

"Aww, but I just bought him and he's really well-behaved and-" Aiba shuts up when Jun points a rigid finger at the maligned shoe by his feet. He sighs resignedly and says, "I'll take him back first thing in the morning, I promise."


"Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig, does whatever a Spider-Pig does. Can he swing from a web? No, he can't, he's a pig. Look out! He is a Spider-Pig," Aiba's singing voice carries out clearly from the doorway and Jun doesn't need to see the "new pet" to know for sure what it is.

He quickly backs out of the apartment and shuts the door. He counts to ten then counts backwards, just for good measure, before he opens it again and reenters.

"Aiba-san, I'm giving you, make that five...minutes to get that pig out of our home."


"No 'buts'."


"I just said, 'no buts,' Aiba-san," Jun says firmly, pointing to the door behind him.


As Jun turns the key to their apartment, he dreads finding out what new pet Aiba brought home this time.

He sighs and pushes the door open and closes his eyes briefly before bracing himself and reopening them, calling out Aiba's name, signalling his arrival.

As the sound of Aiba's feet padding over to him grows louder, he starts grimacing. However, when Aiba sticks out a rather small fishbowl in front of him, he is left blinking rather stupidly at it.

"Whu-?" he inarticulates.

"This is Goldie, I found him in a pond on the way home," Aiba beams.

Jun sighs in relief then grins and says, "Okay."

Three days later, he feels dread again when he finds Goldie floating belly-up in his bowl.


The dread stretches for 3 whole days.

On the third day, Jun comes home to the sound of breaking glass. He sighs and toes his shoes ofd and stows them in the rack by the door before calling out to Aiba and informing the other of his presence.

Aiba's head pokes out from their kitchen doorway, hair all over the place and a grin wide enough to split his elfin face in half.

"Matsujun, okaeri," he says, body still firmly out of Jun's line of vision, but the latter sees him trying to wrestle something -the new pet, he pressumed- inside the kitchen.

"Masaki, I heard breaking glass," Jun says, a prompt for an explanation, rather than a reply.

"Ah, yes. The new pet and I had a little accident, you see," Aiba replies, even though both of them are sure that, no, Jun doesn't quite see.

"I see," Jun says, anyway, and walks into the kitchen, where he sets eyes on...

"Aiba-san, is that a monkey in our fridge, eating my bananas?"

"Um, yes?" Aiba tries to grin winningly.

Jun's eyes flick from Aiba's beaming face to the monkey currently tied to a table leg. He opens his mouth to tell Aiba that he gives up and that Aiba can just keep the monkey when the other interrupts him with a slender hand trailing over his arm and up to his chest, moving further on to cup the side of his face and pull him close.

Aiba leans in to breathe out beside his ear, "You can have anything, do anything you want to me if you let me keep the monkey."

Jun suppresses a small shiver and he quickly quells the eager look on his face before he says unimpressedly, "Really? I dunno, Aiba-chan, but I don't really like monkeys and I'm not sure anything you can give me will be enough to convince me otherwise."

Aiba's slow grin makes Jun's heart stutter, but the actor in him wins and his visage remains bored.

"I can change your mind," Aiba says, voice turning husky and eyes starting to darken and narrow into slits.

A slender hand reaches forward to push Matsujun backwards and out of the kitchen, all the way down to their bedroom and damn, was their bed always this near? But Aiba doesn't stop pushing until Jun is shoved down onto rumpled sheets. Jun is sure he made the bed this morning, damn it. Aiba's in big trouble for messing them up before bedtime...oh, but Aiba is doing dirty things with his mouth and tongue and Jun just flops against the pillows with a guttural groan.

"Ah, Aiba," he breathes out, hands moving down to grip at Aiba's already mussed up hair.


Much later, Aiba slumps beside Jun and wraps an arm around him to tug him closer.

Both are panting from the exertion, but the smug and satiated smiles on their faces say that it was well worth it.

"So, can I keep him?" Aiba asks breathlessly, wriggling around until he's half-on and half-off Matsujun; slender legs that go on for miles entwined serpentine with Jun's smooth, newly shaven ones.

Jun laughs and says, "Yeah, sure."

"YAY!" Aiba exclaims, eyes alight with pleasure before yawning and grinning sheepishly afterwards.

Jun simply smiles indulgently in response and turns his head to check the time on their bedside drawer when he jerks back in surprise to find their new pet perched on top of it, big eyes staring straight at him. And, wait, was that a pervy grin on its face?

"Masaki, you perverted bastard," Jun chuckles, half-annoyed and half-amused.

"Huh?" Aiba mumbles sleepily.

"Not you, Aiba-chan," Jun answers, ruffling an almost asleep Aiba's hair, "I was talking to our new pet."


5. The Monkey Princess And Her Monkey Warrior
(In which Aiba is sick of getting stuck with boring costumes.)

"If things continue like this, I can't be held responsible for my actions anymore," Aiba declares to the rest of Arashi as soon as they retreat to their dressing room after another cosplay episode.

"Aiba-san, what-" Sho starts, the vein along his neck already starting to bulge out in alarm.

"I don't want to be that kind of guy anymore," Aiba interrupts, holding a hand out in front of him to shush Sho, sounding tired and more than a little vexed.

"Um, what kind of guy?" Ohno asks, eyes darting to Nino's, sending out distressed signals of do something, Nino-chan!

Nino's eyes meet his and he contemplates keeping mum because, obviously, this is just another shallow complaint of Aiba's and he doesn't think it's anything remotely serious, but Ohno's eyes pin him in place and if he doesn't say anything, those eyes will turn hurt, so Nino gives in with a reluctant, "Yes, Aiba-chan, what kind of guy? Tell us what's bothering you."

Nino thinks he sounds rather fake and monotonous and not remotely interested. He knows that Matsujun thinks the same way, too, because the other is currently looking at him with a face caught halfway between a sneer and a knowing smirk; takes one to know one, Nino figures. His fingers are itching and they close around his Nintendo DS shoved into one of his pockets.

"I'm sick and tired of it," Aiba whines, flopping onto the couch by the far wall.

"Sick and tired of what, Aiba-chan?" Sho pries, a lovely, prominent vein throb making its way onto his forehead by now, as well.

"I don't want the boring costumes, anymore. I refuse to wear something without punch the next time we cosplay," Aiba says seriously, leaning forward and propping his elbows on his knees, pinning his bandmates with a serious look.

There is silence, and Ohno senses Sho twitching beside him, so he reaches a hand out to grasp the other's hand in his, giving it a slight squeeze to hopefully calm him down.

Three members all turn to Matsujun and stare at him pointedly.

"What?" Jun asks, taking a defensive step back.

Three pairs of eyes stare him down until he sighs in resignation before moving to kneel in front of Aiba.

"Okay, we got you. No more boring costumes, okay?" Jun says in what he hopes is a soothing voice (but comes off as pained to Ohno), one side of his mouth tugging up in what he believes is a reassuring smile (but looks like a grimace to Nino).

"Really?" Aiba asks earnestly, the frown between his brows starting to ease up.

"Yeah, really. Now, what do you want to be next time?" Jun asks, starting to breathe easier now that Aiba seemed mollified enough. It doesn't last long, though, as he is unceremoniously hauled up from his crouching position and pulled tightly against a grinning Aiba's side with a firm hand on his hip.

"I AM MONKEY WARRIOR, AND THIS IS MY MONKEY PRINCESS. FEAR!" Aiba exclaims, positively vibrating in excitement, grin stretching from ear to ear.

As the other three members blink before filing out of the room, Jun feels the onset of a migraine and he uselessly thinks that maybe he should learn to say no to his bandmates once in awhile, especially since they always got him into situations like this. Hah.


6. Itsuka no Summer (One Summer)

The sun beats unbearably hot on the two figures sitting in the back of a pick-up truck, the sound of cicadas all around them.

"I can't believe you suckered me into hitch-hiking," Matsumoto Jun complains, wiping futilely at the sweat on his brow and squinting against the sun to glare up at one Aiba Masaki.

The other man couldn't look more pleased with himself, however. He grins at Jun, instead.

"Just wake me up when we get there, okay? Maybe if I sleep, I'll forget that I went along with another one of your harebrained ideas," Jun grumbles, already reclining further against the back of the cab and pulling his wide-brimmed hat over his face.


A little more than an hour later, Aiba gently shakes Jun awake and the latter squints up at him before stretching and shaking out kinks acquired from falling asleep in an uncomfortable position.

"Remind me never to sleep again on a pick-up bed," Jun mutters as he notices that the pick-up has stopped moving and is parked on the shoulder of the road.

He looks around and tries to figure out where they are. It's green all over; endless miles of trees and vines that stretch as far as his myopic eyes can see.

Aiba smiles and bows and thanks the driver for letting them hitch a ride. Somehow, he even manages to exchange mail addresses with the kind, elderly man.

"Oi, Mattsun, come on," he calls out to the man still sitting in the back of the pick-up, basking in the shade from a tree on the side of the road, "Baachan's waiting for us!"

Sighing, Matsujun picks up his rucksack and slings himself over the side of the truck, waving goodbye to its driver, and jogs to catch up with Aiba's long, eager strides into the orchard ahead of them.

"Tell me again why we're here, Aiba-san?" asks, adjusting his hat and donning his sunglasses.

"Because you need a break before you work yourself dead," Aiba answers, chipper and looking unaffected at all by the sweltering heat and the fact that they just spent more than an hour riding on the back of a pick-up truck with the scorching sun's rays lapping at their skin.

"And you couldn't have just drove me to the beach?" Jun frowns, a little out of breath from struggling to keep up with Aiba's faster pace and longer legs.

"Because. We can always go to the sea, Matsujun. Besides, there are a ton of other people out at the beach in the summer, and I don't feel like sharing," Aiba shrugs at him before turning around a bend.

Jun's step falters a bit before he curses himself and hurries to catch up with Aiba; it won't do well to get lost in the middle of an orchard. Up ahead, he sees Aiba striding steadily to a wide wooden house further down the beaten path, which he pressumed was Aiba-baachan's home. He runs the rest of the way, jogging backwards once he passes Aiba, laughing. "Race you to the house," he says, sticking his tongue out.

Aiba blinks before he grins and starts running full-tilt after Matsujun. He reaches the house a split second before Jun, anyway, despite the latter's head start.

When Aiba's grandmother finds them, they are both panting and doubled over, laughing breathlessly.


Their two-day vacation is spent lazing in the orchard, in a secluded corner they found on their first day, shielded from the sun and public view by a cluster of peach trees.

In the shade of their very own private oasis, Jun rests and unwinds and laughs like he hasn't in months.

Aiba sits on the grass and leans against a tree, while Jun lies down and pillows his head on Aiba's lap. One of the Aiba's hands lazily cards through the silky strands of Jun's hair and Jun's eyes slip closed in contentment, a small, pleased smile making its way onto full lips.

Aiba hums and takes another bite out of the plump peach in his other hand and juice dribbles down the side of his wrist as he brings the fruit down to Jun's lips. "Want a bite?"

Jun cracks an eye open when he feels soft, sticky fruit prodding at his lips and he opens his mouth to take a bite around the area where Aiba's teeth had already taken a considerable chunk out of the peach. "Mm, sweet," he says and closes his eye again.

Aiba just hums again and takes another bite out of the fruit.

The last day of their little getaway is coming to a close, and under the shade of the peach trees they had dubbed as theirs, they lie and watch the day give way to the night. Tomorrow morning, they will go back to Tokyo and Jun will be swamped with more work than ever, but here, in the tiny corner that is their own, there is no work nor pressure; only each other and the balmy summer breeze and milky moonlight as their companions, the cicadas a dull thrum of noise in the background.


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