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Fic? What fic? D:

Title: 響き || Hibiki || Echo
Author: ali || crux_australis
Fandom: 関ジャニ∞ || Kanjani8
Main Characters: 大倉忠義, 安田章大 || Ohkura Tadayoshi, Yasuda Shota
Summary: Based loosely on the concept of the drama, プロポーズ大作戦 (Operation Love) and the song, 小さな恋の歌 (Chiisana Koi no Uta) by MONGOL800.
Ohkura Tadayoshi never fully realized what was literally beside him five years ago. People seldom get the chance to make things right, but Ohkura does and he rushes to change the course of his life; to take what he’s taken for granted.
Disclaimers: This story is a work of fiction and no profit is being made from it.
The characters used are properties of their respective selves and management agencies. The drama, プロポーズ大作戦 (Operation Love), is property of Fuji TV, Kaneko Shigeki and its producers. The song, 小さな恋の歌, is property of MONGOL800 and its composer(s). The situations in the following story are made up and any similarities to actual happenings are purely coincidental.
Author's Notes: This is sorta my first JE fic...sorta because I kind of drabbled before, and I'm kind of in the middle of writing a RyoKura fic for Ash, but this suddenly came up (because I feel like I owe my first ever posted fic to you, even though you don't very much care for OhYass fic, this goes out to you, hun ♥~). ^^; Please to be gentle because I am aware that I can't write, for the life of me. >.<; Also, the parts in this fic are short because I have ADD that way. D: Sorry. T^T


Part I : 青い地球の広い世界で || In This Blue Earth’s Wide World

Tap, tap, tap.

Polished leather shoes rapidly clack against the cobblestone as a man in a suit runs at full tilt towards a place he hasn’t been to in years; not since he graduated from senior high school.

In the not so far distance, the school bell tolls again, once more welcoming former students into the school.

The wind rushes through his hair and his shirt clings to his upper body uncomfortably from the sweat, but he runs desperately, a smile on his face. He can’t wait.

He slows down a bit and looks up for awhile, smiling at the blue heavens, thanking whatever higher power for the chance to go back, before resuming his dead run towards the school gates.

I want to meet you. Once more, even for just a bit.

It is just like old times, he makes it through the gates just as the PE teacher is about to close it.

Giri-giri safe as usual, Ohkura-kun,” Nakanishi-sensei remarks, “Should I be glad that at least one thing hasn’t changed all these years?”

Ohkura grins and tips his former teacher a little salute, not stopping from running until he reached the front lobby.

He stops, bracing his hands on his knees, catching his breath before looking up at the building in front of him. A cool breeze ruffles his hair once more as memories of this place flood through him like the onslaught of a thousand memories trapped in a vault, only now resurfacing. The floodgates have been opened, and he closes his eyes as countless sights, sounds, smells and feelings assault his senses all at once.

For a moment, he is back in time. He is Ohkura Tadayoshi, high school senior, class representative, and soccer club member. He is sitting in his usual spot behind the clubhouse, lying down on the grass there, an arm thrown over his eyes.

“So here’s where you’ve been. I’ve been looking all over for you, stupid. Here,” Yasuda taps a cold can of milk tea against Ohkura’s cheek, startling him.

Ohkura’s eyes snap open and his hand flies to his cheek. It’s cold. Ohkura frowns; how can a memory feel this real?

A chuckle to his left brings his attention to the person he hasn’t seen all these years. Yasuda Shota stands there, seemingly unchanged by time; the same hair, the same smile, the same twinkling eyes.

Ohkura blinks. He reaches a hand out and slaps Yasuda on the arm; confirming that he’s real and there.

“Ow! What the heck?!” Yasuda exclaims, rubbing off the stinging sensation on his arm. “This is the greeting I get from you after no contact for five years?”

Ohkura stupidly blinks some more until Yasuda rolls his eyes at him.

“Seriously, if you don’t want this milk tea, I’ll drink it. And you can find your way to the reunion on your own,” Yasuda frowns and turns to walk away to the gymnasium.

Ohkura’s hand snaps out and catches Yasuda’s wrist before he realizes what he’s doing. He swallows and starts, “I…thanks for the milk tea, Yassan,” as he reaches for the milk tea with his other hand.

Yasuda looks down at the hand holding onto his wrist before looking up into the taller man’s eyes. “Let’s go,” is all he says, but Ohkura can see that he is smiling now.

Ohkura’s lips tug up at the corners in a silly little smile, letting himself be towed by Yasuda, just like old times. He feels warm and he looks down to realize that it’s because Yasuda had yet to let go of his hand. His smile widens just a little more.

Part II: あなたにとって大事な人ほどすぐそばにいるの || Right Beside You, There Is Someone Important

The loud thrum of excited chatter reaches Ohkura’s ears even before they open the gymnasium doors.

“Ohkura!!!” someone yells and thumps him on the back. Ohkura stumbles forward under the weight and turns around to look at Murakami Shingo, quite red in the face and obviously a little inebriated by then.

“Murakami-kun!” he smiles and claps the other man on the shoulder, “It’s been, what, a year?”

“Close. Try five long years without a word from you, you bastard,” Murakami clucks his tongue and Ohkura has the grace to look sheepish.

“I’m sorry, I really meant to keep in touch, but-,” he starts.

“Work kept you busy,” Murakami finishes, not so red in the face now.

“Yeah,” Ohkura shrugs, feeling stupid now that his excuse sounds lame even to his own ears. He opens his mouth to apologize some more but Murakami holds a hand up to stop him.

“It’s alright. We were all busy, anyway,” the other man smiles, but Ohkura is sure he neglected to add that despite everyone being busy, everyone but him managed to keep in contact with each other.

A bitter, self-deprecating smile makes its way onto Ohkura’s face before Yasuda tugs on his wrist to get his attention.

“Ne, ne, Tacchon, let’s greet the others, too!” Yasuda says, smiling and already tugging Ohkura to where Yokoyama and the others are, managing to motion to Murakami to follow as well.

It is just as old times when the whole group gets together and Ohkura feels like the years that separated them never existed at all; like they never drifted apart.

Ohkura is transported to the time when all eight of them played in the soccer team, even though not everyone was as good as, nor interested in the sport, as Murakami. They all joined the same club just because no one wanted to be in a different club; because this way, no time is spent away from one another.

He smiles as he looks around at familiar faces, and he wonders why he ever distanced himself after graduation. For most of his childhood, these faces around him were family. Ohkura is filled with more regret as he thinks of wasted time and he vows to make up for it.

All eight of them end up doing what they used to do back in school; they ditch the rest of the ceremony and end up in a nearby bar in town, getting piss drunk and reminiscing.

“Do you guys remember that time in junior high when Ryo got Uchi into trouble with the school nurse?” Yokoyama yells drunkenly.

“Oh my God, shut up, Kimi! I don’t even want to remember that,” Uchi groans, hiding his red face behind elegant hands.

Yoko is relentless, and so are the others as they encourage Yoko to finish the story.

“Ryo somehow got Uchi to wear one of the spare nurse’s uniforms in the storage cabinet and Uchi ended up posing and saying that he looked far better in the uniform than the school nurse. It would’ve been harmless if not for the fact that the school nurse chose that moment to open the door to the clinic and heard every single thing! BWAHAHAHA!!!” Yoko ends with a cackle.

A round of boisterous laughter makes its way around the table, but no one laughs more heartily than Nishikido Ryo, his face contorted with glee, which Uchi takes great satisfaction in wiping off by kicking his shin under the table.

Stories of inane things, hilarious concerns that seemed serious in the ignorance of youth continue to flow through the night until one by one, everyone leaves, but not without the promise to meet up once again.

Ohkura turns to Yasuda just as the other is struggling into his coat.

“Yassan, I’ll walk you home,” he says hesitantly.

“Oh, um,” Yasuda stutters, flustered and caught off guard, “There’s kind of someone who’s going to pick me up.”

“Kind of?” Ohkura raises an eyebrow in jest, lips tilted up in a half smile.

“Uh, yeah,” Yasuda awkwardly replies, twisting the edge of his coat in his hands and rocking back and forth on his heels.

“Okay, I’ll see you again sometime soon, then?” Ohkura smiles, not quite understanding Yasuda’s awkwardness, but letting it slide.

“Yeah, of course,” Yasuda smiles back. “I’ll mail you, okay? And you better reply this time, mister,” he waves his cell phone in front of Ohkura as he starts walking backwards towards the exit.

Ohkura chuckles and replies, “Wouldn’t dream of doing otherwise, ma’am” as he tips his fingers up in a mock salute.

So what do you think? Suck? Continue? ^^;

(On the possibility that I continue this, up next would be: Part III: 夢ならば覚めないで || If This Is A Dream, Don’t Let Me Wake Up)

Part III >>> Part IV

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